Black Point Compensation

Good morning

Is possible to add option to use Black Point Compensation in color convertion and Color Management settings?

I am working to give professional tools about Color to CorelDRAW users.

I teached about color conversion last week and I showed how close CorelDRAW can convert colors when compared with Photoshop.

But, there is one tool that has a huge difference, and it is Black Point Compensation.

This could be addressed to implement?

Thank you

  • Black Point Compensation is not supported by CorelDRAW, nor Photo-PAINT. It is a non-ICC complaint workflow developed by Adobe to compensate for malformed RGB color spaces over 2 decades ago. BPC only works with relative colorimetric rendering and modifies it in a matter that (in layman's terms) mimics perceptual rendering. BPC was needed many years ago to establish a proper source and destination black point for the bad profiles of the past and has had no relevance for nearly 2 decades. Perceptual rendering is the default rendering used for all non device specific color profiles I've seen for nearly 20 years.

    Simply set all applications Corel, Adobe or what ever to use perceptual rendering. CorelDRAW supports more color engines than Adobe does, I cannot find out what color engine Affinity uses, in any case my suggested settings will provide conversions as close as possible between the applications. 

    Some CorelDRAW users like the LCMS (little color management system) engine I prefer WCS (Windows Color System).

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