Move object to center of visible area


When a file is imported (via VBA code) it is placed in center of page.

How do I import/move the objects to center of currently visible area?


  • You could use ActiveWindow.ActiveView.GetViewArea to get the location and dimensions of the view area, and then reposition objects using that information. One example:

    Sub center_selected_to_view()
    Dim dblX As Double
    Dim dblY As Double
    Dim dblW As Double
    Dim dblH As Double
    Dim sr As ShapeRange
        ActiveWindow.ActiveView.GetViewArea dblX, dblY, dblW, dblH
        Set sr = ActiveSelectionRange
        sr.CenterX = dblX + dblW / 2
        sr.CenterY = dblY + dblH / 2
    End Sub
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