Dear Members,

Let us learn how to split blend.

1. Open Corel DRAW.

2. Draw square using rectangle tool. Fill it with red color.

3. Draw another square using rectangle tool. Fill it with green color.

4. Select both the shapes.

5. Go to menu.

6. Effects > Blend

7. Keep the blend selected.

8. Select "Miscellaneous Blend Options" tab.

9. Please observe carefully.

10. Select Split.

11. Click on any step (that is any square in between).

12. You will find that the square you clicked is selected.

13. Using arrow key, move that square to left.

14. You will notice that the square is moved to the left distorting and bending
the blend.

15. You can even carefully select that square with pointer tool and move it fast

16. The blend will change according to the position of the square you selected
for split.

With regards
Atul Thakur
Simplicity is the shortest distance between two points – Zen

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