Hi All,

It has only taken me 2 weeks but I have finally got to getting my first blog up. Three weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the SignUK show in Birmingham UK. It was a great show, lots of DRAW fans. We held 6 sessions per day reviewing some common topics that Sign Makers, Engravers, Vinyl Cutters and others run into. The sessions were all very, very well attended, we even had a couple of fanatics that came to every session.

I had a chance to walk the floor, lots of DRAW users, I actually had a hard time walking the floor since there were so many people stopping me to talk about their amazing successes. One reoccurring theme was around our interactive tools. For instance when you put a drop shadow on an object or string of text our drop shadow takes on the properties of the changes, if you make any of course. That customer was also commenting on how other vector applications can't do that and how irritating it is that they then have to delete the shadow and reapply..... that's a feature we have had for almost ever now I thought to myself. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite really is an intuitive and it's much easier to use than other like applications. I always forget that till I get to talk to our customers, customers whose lively hood depends on us.

Anyway, I have rambled on long enough. I will be back with some more "stuff" later on. It's great to be part of the community.