CorelCAD 2014 feature highlight No. 1: Windows Ribbon UI

CorelCAD 2014 on Windows now comes with Ribbon UI workspaces.

When launching CorelCAD 2014 you will notice a few changes in the user interface (UI). While the main elements (menu, tool bars, palettes) are still there in the "Classic default" workspace, there is a new CorelCAD balloon button in the upper left corner.

This "Home" button provides quick access to the main project file related tools and tasks incl. the recent file list and tools for managing drawing files:

Next, you'll notice the Quick Access bar at the top. You'll see commonly used tools in here like New, Open, Save, Print and also Undo, Redo that you can access here at any time.
Furthermore, that toolbar contains a dropdown list the provides access to all installed workspaces, including the new preinstalled Ribbon UI workspaces for "Drafting and Annotation" and "3D Modeling":

You can switch between the workspaces by simply selecting an item from the dropdown list.

The new Ribbon UI workspaces sort the tools and features in workflow related tabs. Recently used tools are displayed as quick access buttons in front of you while related tools are provided for selection in a dropdown.

If you have used Ribbon UI in recent AutoCAD / AutoCAD LT versions and have custom Ribbon UI workspaces stored in one of those applications, you can continue using those custom workspaces in CorelCAD 2014!

In CorelCAD 2014, go to the Manage tab and click the "Interface..." button


In the Customize dialog, navigate to the UI Profiles tab so you can expand the list of installed workspaces.

At the top of the dialog you can import additional workspaces using the "Load customization file" button (Open file icon).
You can import files from a number of UI customization file formats, now including *.cuix files that contain Ribbon UI workspaces:

After importing a CUIX file you will see all workspace stored in the customization file in the CorelCAD 2014 UI Profile list.

Tools and commands will be mapped to CorelCAD 2014 Ribbon UI elements as far as possible so that you can continue using your custom workspace(s) in CorelCAD 2014 with full access to all CorelCAD tools.

You can also watch a short video that illustrates the new Ribbon UI in CorelCAD 2014:


Give it a try with CorelCAD 2014 Trial download - available for free on .