CorelCAD 2014 Feature Highlight No. 4: New Quick Group tools

In CorelCAD 2014, grouping various objects in a drawing for modifying them all at once is as easy as you know it from CorelDRAW or other graphics applications.

The new Quick Group tools help creating groups from selections and also releasing groups (ungrouping) in one click.
You don't need to name a group or do any similar group management tasks.

It's really simple:

  1. Select drawing objects on screen
  2. Click the "Quick Group" button (in the Ribbon UI panel on Windows, or with right-click context menu > Quick Group)

Done. You now have a group of objects you can select as one and apply any modifications to it as if it was one object.

Of course grouping objects doesn't affect the layer or any other attributes/ settings of the grouped objects! That's the main difference between Quick Group in CorelCAD and grouping objects in graphics applications such as CorelDRAW.
In CorelCAD, the groups are completely independent from layers (whereas in CorelDRAW a group with all its content always is stored in 1 layer).

You can also create nested groups (by selecting a group and further objects and use Quick Group again) so that you have all the objects at hand with one selection that you want to edit in one go.

With Quick Group in CorelCAD you still keep full control over the individual objects! You don't even need to ungroup in order to access and manipulate individual objects within a group.
Instead, you can disable the "EntityGroup selection" mode. You'll find that toggle button in the Properties palette right to the Active Selection dropdown, and also as Pickstyle button in the Groups section in the Ribbon.



Here's a short video that shows how to use the Quick Group tools in CorelCAD 2014:


Give it a try with CorelCAD 2014 Trial download - available for free on .