If you're in the printing or sign industry, you may find it helpful to create and print your color palettes to get a real-world color chart for proofs or color matching. In CorelDRAW X8, install Color Chart Creator in the GetMore docker (Tools>Docker>Get More) by selecting Extensions under the Tools tab. If you're running an earlier version of CorelDRAW, you'll find the Color Chart Creator already installed. 

Once installed, open the Color Palette (Windows>ColorPalette>Color Palette Manager) and then to create the color chart, go to Tools -> Macros -> Run Macro. In the "Macros in:" drop down, select "ColorChartCreator.gms," and click Run. Next, in the palette drop down, select the palette you want to use and click OK. Once the chart has been created, simply print it out.  

Tip provided by Joe Diaz, CorelDRAW Master, Graphic Designer and Sign Artist.