The Barcode Wizard Generator has been with us for a while now, and in the older versions X5 & X6 it is found under Edit > Insert Barcode. In CorelDRAW X7 it is placed under Object > Insert Barcode. The Barcode wizard first creates an OLE object.  But the type of object wanted most by a graphic designer is an editable object, for various reasons. One reason for example, if you need to scale it, or change the background colour, or the strips colour. Basically to edit the barcode so that it fits within a design, such as a breakfast muesli package.

 To convert OLE object and make it into an editable object, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Edit > Insert Barcode
    Create your barcode, enter your ISBN number if it is for a book. Advance forward and click ok button.
  2. With the Barcode inserted in your document, use either the shortcut Ctrl + C, or go via Edit (Edit > Copy)
  3. Go back to Edit and create a Picture Metafile: Edit > Paste Special, and select the dialog “Picture Metafile”.
  4. Your Barcode can now easily be edited as a standard object (ungroup first using Ctrl + U).
    I usually weld all curves in the barcode to one single curve, and do the same with all the text. Select the text object and click Ctrl + Q and then go to the Property Bar and click the Weld icon. And keep the background object either as white, most common and for easy reading by humans and scanners, or any color suitable if needed. As long as it is bright, lighter colors.

Tip provided by Stefan Lindblad, CorelDRAW Master, Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Artist.