• Application based color management or file based

    This is a question I put to Alfred in another post, I thought it would be of interest to all Corel users.

     Corels color management is application based rather then image based.  I.E. Corel can only properly view RGB images that reside in the internal RGB, convert only to the internal RGB and cannot view multiple RGB or CMYK image color spaces simultaneously.  Question do you see that as a shortcoming?

     I ask this because…

    • Mon, Feb 25 2008
  • Proposed Controls for Future Graphics Suite Color Management

    The Below color management dialog assumes that Corel will in the future upon opening a file will easily identify all embedded color profiles and upon saving files embed all RGB and CMYK profiles.  I believe once implemented they offer a very competitive color handling structure for future releases of the Suite.


    The below are color management dialogs that I feel would add function to the print dialog, the save and…

    • Mon, Feb 25 2008
  • The Future of Corel Color Management

    Interface changes for Corel color management in my opinion and in the opinion of many users and the manufactures of devices that Corel users interface with are in serious need. 


    Color management code is serious CORE technology so the questions that begs for an answer are, what changes are needed, what changes do we have to make to remain competitive, what changes can Corel afford to make in one cycle and how do we organize…

    • Sun, Feb 24 2008
  • Welcome

    Welcome to the Color Management blog.  I am David Milisock this blog was created so we can share our Corel color experience with one another.  I will check the blog once or twice a day from here forward.

    David Milisock has been in professional graphics since 1975, and supporting professional output from CorelDRAW since version 4 as Custom Printers.  The support for CorelDRAW as well as other graphic applications started…

    • Thu, Feb 21 2008