This is a question I put to Alfred in another post, I thought it would be of interest to all Corel users.

 Corels color management is application based rather then image based.  I.E. Corel can only properly view RGB images that reside in the internal RGB, convert only to the internal RGB and cannot view multiple RGB or CMYK image color spaces simultaneously.  Question do you see that as a shortcoming?

 I ask this because in my travels one of the most common errors I find in Photoshop is that the user is unaware of what color space they are viewing their image in and therefore it prints incorrectly.  This happens because of a few reasons a poor choice for default color settings, Photoshops ability to view multiple color spaces simultaneously and the users inattentiveness to their proof settings.

 Can Corel change the way it handles color management to a file basis within a reasonable cost structure?   If so I would recommend it and also to use the previously posted dialogs settings.. 

 If Corel cannot change from an application wide color management  to an individual file color management and chooses to change the process of opening a file where it honors the embedded profile, as it stands now Corel would have to on the fly modify its internal RGB or separations printer to match the image. 

 Which begs another question, how do we handle a second image?  Do we allow the changes of internal color spaces, and make a display marker for the first file opened so we know it resides in another color space?  Do we maintain our internal color spaces and convert the second image from its source space to LAB so the user can convert to the internal color space?  Do we allow an automatic conversion from source to internal, RGB or CMYK?


I would recommend a dialog that allows the choices of,  maintain internal spaces and convert image from source to LAB,  automatically convert image from source to internal spaces, temporarily change internal spaces (marking any previously opened images as non-resident color) and do not color manage.


Let's hear it from you as I'm sure I missed something.


  • David,

    I think I need a visual reminder to convert to LAB. I'm usually so focused on what I want to accomplish that I forget to convert from the default RGB.

    Also, could you explain again the advantages to working in LAB.