Welcome to the Color Management blog.  I am David Milisock this blog was created so we can share our Corel color experience with one another.  I will check the blog once or twice a day from here forward.

David Milisock has been in professional graphics since 1975, and supporting professional output from CorelDRAW since version 4 as Custom Printers.  The support for CorelDRAW as well as other graphic applications started as output only but quickly evolved into support for Postscript-compliant file creation for established clients only.  As word of mouth spread, training services were offered to new customers and another company was formed, Custom Graphic Technologies Inc.   This company offered software support which quickly evolved into the building of custom-configured graphic workstations, and then into network support.  As the companies' evolution continued, Custom Printers was absorbed into Custom Graphic Technologies Inc.
Today Custom Graphic Technologies Inc., while still offering training for graphic applications, workstation and network support, has evolved to offer state-of-the-art Color Management Support, Technical Systems Development, Management Consultation and Print Production.