Imagine this: You have completed a rather complex illustration with many different components and objects in it. Now it turns out that you need a different size for a subset of those objects (not resizing the whole drawing) and they should maintain their position in the drawing at the same time.

No problem, if these objects have been defined as a symbol and are individual instances of that symbol: 
> Right click on one of them, choose "Edit symbol" and resize the symbol as intended.
> Close the symbol editing by clicking on "Finish Editing Object" in the lower left corner of the screen:

...and all instances of the symbol in the drawing will be updated accordingly (maintaining their insertion point as origin).

But what if you don't have all these objects as instances of one single symbol definition?
Selecting all of the objects and resizing (through Transform tool bar or Transformation docker) will result in objects being scaled using one common origin (center point of all selected objects by default).
Not what you want in this case!

A quick and easy solution for this task has been created as a small macro. With the "multi resizer" macro you can get to the desired result in only 2 steps:
1) Select all objects you want to resize (with a common scale)
2) press the "Resize multiple" button (see below on how you get this onto your application screen)

...and specify the scale factor:

...and click on Apply:


You can download the macro file "Multi_Resize.gms" and a workspace file "Multi-Resize.xslt" from here.
Place the Multi_Resize.gms in the GMS folder of the Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 installation path (or the corresponding personal folder in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\).
The custom button and tool bar can be imported into your workspace in Corel DESIGNER X5 by importing the XSLT file in Tools > Options... > Workspace > Import...