With Deep Exploration 6.5.4 CE update that comes included with Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 Service Pack 2, there is the completely new "Manual Explode" tool.

With "Manual Explode" you can create animated exploded views of complex 3D assemblies for illustrated assembly instructions.
In Deep Exploration 6.5.4 CE you will find a new tool bar "Manual Explode". By default, that tool bar is included with the "Illustrate" tab of the "Technical Illustration" workspace.

You will notice that the "Technical Illustration" workspace has been reduced to fewer tabs to provide better guidance on the steps involved with creating technical illustrations from 3D sources.

When you "Start New Explode", the Tool Assistant on the left side of the application window will open up all the tools and settings you need for creating an exploded view.

You can select parts and groups for being included with the exploded view, specify linear or radial mode and limit to specific axes or planes and control all settings through precise coordinate values if you want.
Of course you can also use the screen to move the objects along the specified axes so that you get immediate visible feedback on how the exploded view will be generated.

Further down in the Tool Assistant docker you also see advanced options for automatic grouping rules, animation and the display of thrustlines with the exploded view.

This video on VisualEnterprise YouTube channel outlines the core functionality of the Manual Explode tool (part of the "What's new" presentation for Deep Exploration 6.5).

And for German speaking users, there's a great video tutorial created by Otto Salzer that shows the capabilities of this powerful tool in detail: