What is Doc Metadata to Clipboard?

Doc Metadata to Clipboard is a macro that can get various document metadata strings (e.g., Subject, Author, Copyright) and copy them to the Windows Clipboard. These metadata strings can be viewed and edited in the Document Properties:

The macro can also copy the document Title to the Clipboard. If the document has not been saved, this may be something such as, "Untitled-1". If the file has been saved, then it will be the filename. If the filename has an extension of three or fewer characters, then the extension is removed from the string before copying. So, a filename of "foo.cdr' will result in "foo" being copied to the Clipboard.

Doc Metadata to Clipboard subs in the Macro Manager.

The names of the subs state fairly plainly what they do. One exception to this might be "Keywords", which are now called "Tags" in the Document Properties dialog.


Doc Metadata to Clipboard was put together in a CorelDRAW X7 environment, and has been tested in X7, X8, 2018, and 2019.

OK, where's the macro?

JQ_Doc Metadata to Clipboard_Current.zip (most recently updated 2020-02-10).

That includes the .GMS file.