What is Saved Page Sizes?

Saved Page Sizes is a macro that allows the width and height of the active page to be quickly set based on a "saved page size" that the user has previously defined. Multiple saved page sizes can be defined. The values used for this are stored in the Registry, and so are persistent over time, and remain available for use indefinitely.

Subs in the Macro Manager.

  • Each Store_Saved_Page_Size... sub stores the width and height of the active page in the Registry as a "saved page size".
  • Each Apply_Saved_Page_Size... sub reads the stored information from the Registry for a particular "saved page size", then uses those width and height values to set the size of the active page.
  • Remove_Saved_Page_Size_Registry_Entries removes all Registry entries that have been created by the macro.


Saved Page Sizes was put together in a CorelDRAW X7 environment, and should work in versions X7-2021.

OK, where's the macro?

JQ_Saved_Page_Size_Current.zip (most recently updated 2022-01-15).

That includes the .GMS file.