What is a User Menu?

In an earlier post (#2: Workspace Customization - Using a VBA macro sub as a Command), I noted that there are many Commands - found in Options>Workspace>Customization>Commands - that can be used with CorelDRAW's workspace customization.

Sort of tucked away in the User Menus section of the Commands, there is something named "New Menu":

This isn't quite like most of the other Commands. When this is dragged to a Toolbar or Menu, it creates a new User Menu.

The purpose of a user menu is to hold other Commands. Click on a user menu, and it "flies out" to display the Commands contained within it.

Just as other Commands, a User Menu:

  • Can be used on Toolbars.
  • Can be used on Menus.
  • Can have Shortcut Keys assigned to it.

Creating a User Menu and Adding Commands to It.

After dragging "New Menu" to a Toolbar, a new entry appears in the User Menus, named "_ENG Custom Menu":

It's probably a good idea to change the default "_ENG Custom Menu" to a more descriptive caption. As with other Commands, one can also specify a tooltip and an icon.

Commands can be added to this user menu by using CorelDRAW's drag-and-drop workspace customization. Here, I've added the Commands for 1/2 pt, 1 pt, and 2 pt outline width:

The same toolbar stretched to be horizontal:

This is a video showing the steps described above, and also showing those outline width Commands being applied to a selected Curve: