So you want to use a .GMS file...

You've seen other users refer to "macros" on the forum. Someone has shared a .GMS file, and you want to use it, but have never installed one. Here's a link to a .GMS file:


If you didn't have a .GMS file before, now you do. What next?

Make sure that your version of CorelDRAW includes VBA support.

If you are using CorelDRAW "Home and Student", then VBA support is not included.

Make sure that VBA support is installed:

If you are using the regular version of CorelDRAW, then VBA support is included, but installation is optional. Open the Macro Manager (Window>Dockers>Macro Manager)  and look near the top for "Visual Basic for Applications":

If you don't see "Visual Basic for Applications" there, then you may need to run the CorelDRAW setup and "Modify" your installation,making sure that VBA support is selected.

If it's still not there, then running the CorelDRAW setup and using the "Repair" option may set things to rights.

Have VBA available in CorelDRAW? Good! Find - or create if necessary - your "user" GMS folder.

Your "user" GMS folder will be in your user AppData\Roaming. So, something like this, if your username happens to be "Eskimo":

C:\Users\Eskimo\AppData\Roaming\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018\Draw\GMS.

AppData is hidden, so if you try to browse your way there, you may not see it if File Explorer has not been set to show hidden files/folders/drives. A shortcut way to get there - that doesn't require changing any settings for showing hidden content - is by using %AppData% in File Explorer as shown here: