We are always interested in learning more about how you use CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, and would like to discover some interesting ways of using our software. For example, are you designing Tattoos in CorelDRAW? 

If you do use CorelDRAW Graphics Suite in a "non-traditional" way, please let me know, I would love to hear from you.

  • Gerard Metrailler

    Is tattoo innovative? I'm doing a big project architectural polychrome city. Use the enormous potential of the program and do not know which designers tattoos. CorelDRAW powerful program that allows you to make large-scale projects. I think it is necessary to promote the program to show its ability to solve large problems. This will attract serious professionals in the field of architecture and design, not only tattoo lovers. Thank you.

  • Gerard Metrailler

    thanks for asking this question i love illustration work by corelDraw i have old version croeldraw 8 and i still work on it officially and also check new update and new version of this software and i still waiting best result for illustration to buy it .. my dream corel add mesh fill future move selected node each to together at one time its make illustration faster for me sure other update is important for me but this is my way to use corelDraw...


  • Nikolay,

    trying out an automated translation tool, I am quite interested in learning more about your project and how you use CorelDRAW.

  • Разве татуировки инновационны? Я делаю большой проект архитектурной полихромии города. Использую громадный потенциал программы о котором и не знают дизайнеры татуировок. CorelDRAW мощная программа, позволяющая делать масштабные проекты. Мне кажется, для продвижения программы необходимо показать её способности решать крупные проблемы. Это привлечет серьёзных профессионалов в сфере архитектуры и дизайна, а не только любителей тату. Спасибо.