We just released the latest Update for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7. Update 5 continues with general performance and stability improvements based on your feedback, plus we're adding even more for Premium Members and Subscribers with this release. If you have an active Premium Membership or Subscription, you will gain following benefits with Update 5:

  • New Premium Templates: Explore more than 340 new templates that feature 27 diverse design areas such as accounting, education, event planning, legal, hospitality and recreation. Take advantage of these creative and flexible templates to design your own business cards, flyers, posters and more.
  • New zoom with keyboard shortcuts: Save time by quickly adjusting your zoom level increments, in and out, with common keyboard shortcuts. The zoom can be applied to the document window, dialog boxes and some feature preview windows.
  • Enhanced Premium Knife Tool: Use the handy Premium Knife tool to precisely split objects. With the new Convert outlines button, CorelDRAW will convert the outline of the cut object into curves to accurately preserve the appearance of the outlines.
  • Enhanced Border and Grommet dialog box: Create a banner from an active page or from selected objects on a page within CorelDRAW. Simply open your design, click Tools > Border and Grommet, and then choose to add borders and grommet markers to your document.

In addition to releasing Update 5 for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7, we've also made available the first Update for CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7. After the update, both products will show version number in the about box.

As always, the best way to get the update is by doing a Check for Update in the Help menu of CorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT or Corel DESIGNER.

Happy CorelDRAWing!

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  • Hello Peter,

    Premium Members and Subscribers get early access to new features that will be available to everyone else with the next major release, e.g. if you prefer not to go for a Premium Membership, you will be able to enjoy that tool when you upgrade to X8 when we release it (it's not happening in the near future though, but I can't give you a morre precise date). Think of it this way: If you are a premium member, you get early access to new features, exclusive content and more for about half the price of the upgrade. Plus, you will get any major version that is released while you have a premium membership. And because we have historically released a new version every 2 years, going with Premium will cost about the same as getting the upgrade over the same time period, with a lot of extra benefits. The choice is yours.


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