We know many independent developers have created great extensions for CorelDRAW / Corel DESIGNER / Corel PHOTO-PAINT by using the set of APIs available with the product and tools such as Visual Basic for Applications or Visual Studio. We also wanted to provide more documentation, samples and tutorials for anyone who wants to create macros or add-ons for the CorelDRAW family of products, reason for the introduction of the new Developer Area in the CorelDRAW Community.

In addition to access to the developer related forums, we're also making available a full API reference, an online programming guide as well as detailed articles to get developers build great solutions for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and CorelDRAW Technical Suite. Plus, if you join the Developer Area (it's free, just click on the link at the top and let us know what you are or plan to develop for CorelDRAW), you will be able to participate in the Developer forums to share your insights and ask questions. In addition, the full API references becomes searchable for those who join, e.g. you can quickly access the relevant documentation as you code.

In the coming weeks, we will also be making available licenses of the CorelDRAW software at a reduced price for development purpose only, to enable everyone to create amazing new extensions for Corel's Graphics programs used by over 10M users around the world.