• CorelDRAW X4 review in Imagine FX

     I scored a two page spread in Imagine FX!

    Crazy but true. One of my CorelDRAW vector illustrations is featured in the reviews section of the April 2008 issue of Imagine FX.

    It looks as though the magazine gave the DRAW software a very favorable review... Four and a half pens!

    A very big thanks to everyone at Corel corp. who suggested me as one of the possible exemplary artists. 

    You can read a little more RIGHT HERE! 

    • Tue, Mar 18 2008
  • An illustration approach to text in corelDRAW


    I couldn't think of anything to get the DRAW community for Christmas so I thought I'd put together a text illustration tutorial. :) 

    One of the most important and powerful tools within DRAW is the interactive transparency tool, circled in red below.


     Open up DRAW and practice on a solid object with this tool to get a feel of how it works, if you have never used it. It's super easy and once you get the hang…

    • Sat, Dec 22 2007
  • 3D modeling with CorelDRAW

    Hello again,
    I'd like to show another example of how easy it is to transition from 2D vector illustration to full on 3D modeling using CorelDRAW and a 3D application of your choice... I use Lightwave 9 in this example... Let's go!

    Designertechniques.com ran a challenge a few months back for contestants to design a recreational futuristic moon vehicle. It could be flying or roving but had to meet certain criteria…

    • Mon, Oct 1 2007
  • 2 stage animated mouse over web button in CorelDRAW


    This is a basic tutorial on making a simple animated mouse over button in CorelDRAW.

    The most important part of making animated buttons is having a designated border area for registration. Simply put, an outer edge that will remain stagnant while the content within will be "animated".  

    Here is a basic rectangle drawn in DRAW. I centered it using the P key. I sized it to 500 pixels wide and 230 pixels high…

    • Wed, Aug 29 2007
  • Anime style rain drops using CorelDRAW with Aftereffects.

    First, create a road using CorelDRAW.


    Next, vector out some numbers... Export the file as an .EPS or raster it at the size that will work for your project.

    Bring into Aftereffects, add the numbers on top of your road, keyframe motion and check the motion blur box.


    I used a more realistic road photo on top of those two layers, keyframed motion along with checking motion blur and used a blend mode.

    I think I used either…

    • Fri, Jul 6 2007
  • Slice and bend technique?

     First of all,

    I'd like to thank Gerard for letting me run my own blog on CorelDRAW.com. I have been using CorelDRAW since version 7 and have been experimenting with implementing it in various uses besides just 2D illustration. I put together this small tutorial to show how to model something with CorelDRAW data in a 3D application using a slice and bend technique.

    This is something I came up with a few years ago and…

    • Mon, Jun 25 2007