• Copy and Paste properties between objects - the simplest way!


    Today I want to share with you my techniques for quickly and handy exchange of properties between objects.

    You may copy and paste properties like width, height, rotation, positonX, positonY, fills, or even effects. This may be done separately for each or for all of properties.
    I will present you 2 ways.

    1. Copy and Paste properties between selected objects (manually)

    2. Copy and Paste properties…

    • Tue, Jun 30 2009
  • Export Slice Objects - new feature for CorelDRAW

    Would you like to export specified shapes only from many pages of your document any time you make some changes, but with a single click? You may do it without using any slices. I called my own alternative as Export Slice Objects (ESO). In contrast to standard slicing technique with using a special layer and drawing slice rectangles, in my solution - you assign a special information directly into shapes which you…

    • Mon, Jun 22 2009
  • Entering the content manually VS macros [From scratch to the reliable print - part 2]


    I hope that you read previous post with introduction to preparing and inserting templates.

    In this post I would like to show you the difference between entering content into template manually and by use of VBA macros. You may see a preview of how powerful it is to use VBA in order to integrate your  document with the information which may be edited and stored online.

    You will also see how easily you may import…

    • Wed, Jun 17 2009
  • From scratch to the reliable print - part 1

    I will start from series of articles about the process of making a layout which will be ready for smart processing via VBA macros and reliable for professional print.

    This is my first blog post for the CorelDRAW community...so I hope to pass the test and please forgive me for my spelling errors - I am still learning English :)

    I would like to highlight that I will present you my own view how to do this task. You…

    • Thu, Jun 11 2009