• New goodies!

    Hot off the truck...New Mutoh ValueJet 1204 my re-introduction into large format inkjets hopefully will be a pleasure and not
    the nightmare the last one was.  I do not have high expectations.  Been walking around the boxes for the last 4 days, gonna try to get it set-up this weekend, still waiting on the RIP to arrive too.  I will continue to run the Summa DC3 along side the new Mutoh,  comparing the two will be interesting…

    • Fri, Aug 10 2007
  • This thing on?

     Happy to be here! I am owner/operator of  a small Sign & Graphic Art company located in central New Jersey. Everything from - vehicles to websites. I got my start hand lettering out of my garage, bought a van and ran things out of that for a while, and finally started the move into  a new shop last year.

      I have been using CorelDRAW! since vers 1.3 - Windows 3, if I remember correctly it came on 3, 1.44 floppies which…

    • Sat, Jun 30 2007