Hot off the truck...New Mutoh ValueJet 1204 my re-introduction into large format inkjets hopefully will be a pleasure and not
the nightmare the last one was.  I do not have high expectations.  Been walking around the boxes for the last 4 days, gonna try to get it set-up this weekend, still waiting on the RIP to arrive too.  I will continue to run the Summa DC3 along side the new Mutoh,  comparing the two will be interesting. 

Work is really busy, weather has been HOT!

TRUCKS, TRUCKS & MORE TRUCKS that's all we have been lettering lately. The ones over 30' will not fit in the shop so my investment in climate control goes unused.....standing in front of a bright white box truck all day isn't fun, makes my head feel like  well done tater-tot. Only good point - the heat makes the vinyl like butter and rivets go really easy....

I am really having issues getting to all the design work I have. I have to find some reliable help.  

I do enjoy these forums here at and I hope the the forum continues to grow and not get bogged down with some of the nonsense...why even bother posting this seems like he didn't even give it a chance. Funny how that post turned.... donuts! Big Smile