• Fonts: Try, buy....or rent?

    Since all users of CorelDRAW love fonts, why not check this out....


    ...a service from Monotype that lets you try thousands of fonts for 5 minutes,for free. If you like it, you can rent the font for a day, or a month. I've been playing with it, and I've got to admit, it's pretty cool.


    • Mon, Dec 10 2012
  • Farewell David Huss

    My first experience with David occurred at the CorelDRAW User conference in 1994.  I was the new kid at the CorelDRAW user conference and since David and I had chatted on the Corel CompuServe forums I wanted to meet him and put a face to the name.  Before I could introduce myself he took to the stage to teach a class on PHOTO-PAINT and in front of 200 people he started the session with...

    "Ladies and gentlemen, you're going…

    • Wed, Mar 2 2011
  • Farewell Paul McGee

    I love working here. I love working on the products we make, I love working with the people in the office and I love working with our users around the world.

    Unfortunately, Paul McGee, one of our beloved users, testers, and friends,  passed away on January 28th.   Paul worked closely with us on Ventura and a few versions of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and he was always looking out for his needs and the needs of others.  To say…

    • Wed, Mar 2 2011
    • Thu, Jan 6 2011
  • Thank you for using the "feedback" link within the help.

    I can't tell you how many times I've seen/submitted comments and surveys, and wondered if someone takes the time to go through the comments/feedback submitted.

    This morning I got the latest report  that shows the comments collected when customers use the "feedback" link, within the help file. The comments are constructive, informative and show a willingness to point out where our docmentation could be more clear…

    • Wed, Dec 8 2010
  • Some more information about SP1

    A few people have pinged me about SP1, wanting to know how many defects we fixed and whether they would noticed a difference or not. I wanted to offer that we have fixed nearly 300 customer reported defects in the service pack, so I'm sure you will notice a difference.

    With an application suite as big as CGS, I'm sure that there are a few issues that we didn't fix. If you still run into things that bother…

    • Tue, Jul 27 2010
  • Installing CGS X5.

    Thought I would note a few things about installing X5...

    - As noted in the Forums yesterday (Feb 23rd)  there was a hiccup on the English CNet download and the package would crash when it was being uncompressed...this was fixed last night. I just wanted to mention that this wasn't a problem with the installer but the build that was being downloaded from the website slipped a bit or two.

    - CGS X5 needs .NET v.3.51…

    • Wed, Feb 24 2010
  • Thanks to Roland DGA Canada for loaning us a VP300i

    We have a new toy in the house, a Roland VP 300i....Roland also provided us a bunch of media and ink to play with.

    Additional thanks to Fernando Catania for coming over and showing us how to run the printer and the RIP.

    ..and fun begins!



    • Tue, May 26 2009
  • Thanks to YESCO (Young Electric Sign Company) for hosting me yesterday.

    Yesterday I visited www.yesco.com, the AZ division...an outstanding facility that can craft just about every kind of sign imagineable....LED, neon, vinyl, channel lettering, digital printing...from the smallest signs to ones 120' high.

    A special thanks to Jim for organizing everything and showing me around, and for Mick for letting me watch him work thought some sign designs for a few hours.



    • Wed, Jul 9 2008
  • Thanks to Tortuga Promotions for letting me drop by today

    The UED team at Corel routinely conduct customer visits so we can stay abreast to the needs of our users. Since I was  going to be in AZ for the conference I wanted to visit a few folks in the sunny south west to see how they use CorelDRAW and to get a chance to see if there are ways to make life easier for our customers.

    I wanted to drop a line of thanks to Tortuga Promotions for hosting me today. The visit was great…

    • Tue, Jul 8 2008
  • The resort in Phoenix is beautiful.

    This place is amazing...if I didn't know better I would think I was on a vacation in Mexico...the oasis water park is a great place to cool off...the lazy river is a lot of fun...the ground are very well kept, the 50 million they spent on the place shows...if you like shopping there are two outlet malls within 5 miles (8kms) of here..one is only half a mile (1km) away......the sunsets are beautiful here too....It may…

    • Tue, Jul 8 2008
  • While in Rome....

    For those of us heading to the conference next week I emailed the resort about pricing on golf....here is their response..

    "Arizona Grand Golf Course features a spectacular 18-hole course. See our current green fees below. (Includes cart)
     June 2nd, 2008 thru September 25th, 2008
    Weekdays                 Weekends
    Rack Rate:                      $45.00                       $55.00
    Twilight:                         $25.00                       $35.00
    Super Twilight:              $20.00                       $25.00


    • Thu, Jul 3 2008
  • If you live around Phoenix.....

    ..and you wouldn't mind having a Corel dude come over for a few hours I would love to stop by. 

    I'll be heading to the CorelDRAW Unleashed conference July 9-12 (http://www.coreldrawunleashed.com/conference/index.asp) and I've booked the 7&8th to visit customers in the Phoneix area. My goal would be to watch customers use CorelDRAW and/or PHOTO-PAINT as part of their daily workflow and see how it meets their needs…

    • Thu, Jun 5 2008