This is John McCain wanting to kill Barack Obama as in the poster of Batman: The Dark Knight


  • Political Art is ok so long as the viewer remembers that it's art,an illussion,like the politicians themselves. Personally, I don't think enough negative propaganda has been done on Oboma and much of what  I have seen is immediately tagged as racist art- stuff like watermelons on the White House lawn.

    Personally, I believe what Ben Franklin said ," All Politicians are whores". But the way our economy is going I expect to see more anti -Obama art.

    This piece leaves the wild card , joker , Obama message to much in the air.Corel a Canadian company doesn't give a beavers ass about American politics.

  • hey use more the burn tool under the eyes, and make his face look more evil. that is a thinking face right there.

  • It might be a good idea to keep the political stuff off this network. You may not like what people's comments will be. Get my drift?