Picture on a wall.

I was very reluctant to publish this. Of all my works this piece suffered the most in the conversion to bitmap and even more in the upload. The colors aren't close to true to the original. It was done in cmyk 32 bit. It was a relatively large file,19mb, with a lot of bitmaps embedded.  I do my work on a 12"x18" canvass set to300dpi. It was converted at 100% at 150dpi, cmyk, overprint black, anti-aliasing, optimized,4:2:2. ending in a 13mb file that ended up being 2+mb uploaded. I tried other file formats but jpeg seemed the best for the cd gallery. I also had compression and smoothing set to 0. Is there a way of uploading large vector files (10+mb) to the gallery. I would appreciate any input or advice. At least if you view this piece, download the file and use the magnifier to view the detail. 

  • i'm not an professional artist yet, but i can tell you what i started doing, after i experimented & started using-

    export to PNG, don't change the defaults in PNG-conversion dialogue box,click 'ok' in both boxes. then open it in MS Paint,click 'File'\'save'. now again click 'File'\'save As'. click on JPEG in save as file type. then, still, the file gets heavy for uploading, then again open JPEG file in MS Paint,click 'image'\'stretch/skew'. write equal values less than 100 in the stretch vertical & horizontal box.click 'ok'.if need more bigger size than the new size,then write equal values bigger than 100.take up the desired size.then click 'file'\'save'.  there it is ! my experience is- if you export to JPEG directly, then it gets blurred.so first export to PNG, then save it as JPEG in MS Paint.

    hope you find this helpful. bye !