Manga Violin

This drawing was originally a man! I had 'doodled' a young man playing a violin into my sketchbook (pencil and paper) and when I'd finished I scanned it into my computer. From there on I "played" with the drawing after reading about the Japanese "MANGA" cartoon style. It somehow cahnged into a young woman playing a violin!!!!

I draw for our local newspaper and I use CorelDraw and Corel Photopaint a lot to generally "tart-up" and colour the cartoon.

So, I draw on paper with pencil - then ink the drawing with black, Faber-Castell Pitt brush pens. After cleaning off the pencil I scan the result into my computer and use Photopaint to clean it up and shape it futher and THEN it goes into Corel Draw and is converted to Vector.

With, Coreldraw I use all the necessary tools to try and get the "MANGA" look - in ain't easy, and I'm not too good yet but "Manga Violin" doesn't look too bad!!!