Dehlia Smith - TV Chef

This drawing I did by using my pen-tablet as though I was drawing with a pencil, on paper!

This portrait is of the well-known, British TV personality, Dehlia Smith. She is also one of the directors of Norwich Football Club and often appears in the Norfolk Magazine. Her photograph was on the front of this magazine a few months ago so I just copied it - for fun - using only my pen-tablet and laptop (with Corel Draw, of course) exactly as though I was drawing, or painting on paper.

This is the result!  What do you think?

Drawing on a pen-tablet takes a bit of getting used to, because it doesn't feel anything like pencil or pastel on paper, but once mastered it starts to become quite enjoyable!

My pen-tablet is a Bamboo CTH-460. It's not very big, but I didn't want to buy a larger one in case I didn't like it, but  think I'll stick with it for now and if I get chance maybe buy a larger pen-tablet later When I'm rich!!!!!