Angler about to make a catch

This is just and idea I had a few years ago. For some reason although I'm not a fisherman, I am always drawing pictures of fishermen about to get into trouble. I suppose I am intrigued by the mystery surrounding a great expanse of static water. I often feel sorry for the worm!

This illustration has been put together bit by bit and really it should have some more interesting little bits added, but I'll have to do that when I get a little more time. I normally draw each character (or actor) as a pencil line drawing on ordinary paper. Usually I then ink over the pencil then scan it into the computer.

With the help of the CorelDraw facilities I then colour it, firm-up and smooth the outline, add shading sometimes with mesh fill, and if the illustration is needed by someone I then convert it to jpeg and send it as an attachment to an e-mail. Recently, however, I have developed a medical condition which makes it difficult to do a decent drawing so I have found that I have had to do most of the artwork in the traditional way and only use CorelDraw to generally improve things like layout, colour and so on!