one body-one mesh

Быстрый меш, разбирался с сеткой, как лучше расположить её, чтобы одним мешем отрисовать тело. Вроде ничё получилос?
  • just joined!1..2020 looking through found your work, amazing precise  and great work!!..

  • Thanks for a reminder on children. I thought of it in last turn. As to work and time, on the average one work  occupies two about one working day, a maximum.

  • Your work is totally...INCREDIBLE!!!

    Very talented. You must be a very patient person!!!

    It must be VERY long to do such precise work!!!

    Absolutely beautiful.

    Being an artist myself like everyone on this website

    I can understand you being offended by some critics.

    It hits us directly in the heart!!

    I'm sorry to say but I slightly agree, here. Everywhere

    around the world, people try to control nudity on their

    computers for their children. Accepting nudity on a

    public website, for all ages, is a fragile matter.

    Please understand, some people don't accept nudity

    so well depicted. And OHH!!! You've done some so beautiful

    work, here!! The nudity in your work is VERY evident.

    I think it goes to all the other artists who've published

    evident nudity, as well.

    I, must say, personally, don't mind nudity. But I tend

    to think of others. Eventhough, us artists, we usually

    don't care of what other people think, we do this, publish

    our work, for people to see it. I think we must respect that.

    Eventhough, a slight glance is very pleasing, though, hahaha.

  • yes, this  work   has been published  on

  • Woooaaah-waow! Excellent use of meshfill!!! Think I have seen your works on, could it be?

  • Wow, fantastic vector artwork!  This must have taken forever.  Nice work.

  • Maybe its just me, and I am not prude, but hey Russia, isnt it a bit to much of male fantasies in your images you put up in the galleries. I live in Sweden and we are not known to be prude, and we DONT acceot religion to get into politics, hence politicians NEVER talk about religion in Swedish elections or politics, but I am starting to think about the women that have to look at these male fantasies all the time. Maybe you men, guys can hold your self a little.