she smiles?

I hope such frankness it is admissible?
  • D-oh! Did my comment sound like an agressive defence? Wasn't ment so...:-))

  • When you make a Mesh fill image, there is nothing in my opinion saying you can not make a layer, that is not mesh fill. And place that layer on the top.

    For example this image of Dzen, which is a good one, to put freckles, let say dots on the face, you can very easy make a new separate layer, with dots. Then use the Transparancy tool and make the dots very transparant.

    If dots would´nt be possible with Mesh Fill, then make the dots as I suggested. Or any other way.

    For example if you are doing an illustration for let say a magazine (which I do quite a lot), and you like to use Mesh fill. But it HAS to have freckles. If impossible with Mesh fill, then I would use the way I suggested. Or another way, maybe even bring it into Photo-Paint and Paint the freckles. I would in other words, use any tool to make the dots. I wouldnt be a slave under the Mesh Fill Tool. I would only try to do the image as descided.

  • Mo,

    I am not critisizing Dzen as an artist. I was only suggesting about the freckles and dots. And I was only saying what I still think could be improved on if possible to improve.

    Yes Mesh Fill is different, I know that.

    Dzen is good at what he does. :-)

  • @ Stefan: Working with meshfill in portraits is a very difficult discipline, even a separate discipline from other techniques. It is hard to bring in some real-looking skin effects cause you have to know exactly what you're doing, when start working with meshfill - there is not much or no space for creative improvization or correction in thousands of nodes.

    For an Artist who has never been educated in art - this is one of the best technical (in relation to the medium) perfect portraits I've ever seen!

  • Stefan, trojza has told that the nose is charming in the problematical character. Also that in eyes there are no thoughts, as well as in all composition.

  • GUys, taking your russian via the Google translate isnt always working... So Trojza, I didnt understand what you wrote.

    Okey I will write in Swedish from now on ;-)

  • носик проблемный, что очаровательно по-своему. В глазах мысли нет, как, впрочем , и в композиции, прости)

  • Lets say you make a layer with only freckles. And then let that layer be on top of all other layers, and then use the Transparancy tool? Or maybe if you place the layer with freckles under the top layer? And use the transprancey tool again?

    And maybe even make 2 or 3 layers with freckles or other dot´s in different shade´s of dark. Giving some feeling of individuality to the freckles and dot´s ?

    Maybe worth a try.

  • to Stefan Lindblad;

    About yes! It is remarkable work! Here that top to which I aspire in a vector! Me before while it is far. But I will try.

  • Faces are particularly sensitive to paint. If you would put structure on the face, such as freckles. And skin tones especially in the face put us all to the test.

    Here is a link to a Swedish digital artist. She have made this particular image the link go to, with Photoshop & Corel Painter. It could as easy been made with Photo-Paint and Painter, just for the record. Take a good look at the skin, and the sensitivity in her brush strokes. And of course this is not vector art, but you can see how she thinks when she work on skin.

    Linda Bergkvist is her name. And yes she have worked for Hollywood. I think it was the movie "Golden compass".

  • to Stefan Lindblad

    Yes, you are right. Unfortunately I do not have art education. I do not know human anatomy and I draw too literally. As in a photo. There it was not simple those shades. And I did not wish to invent their presence.