Corel in Action - Events

Sorry these are a few years old, but gems to me, having a hard time finding newer photos.

These are all multi-media (limited) examples from Large Format Printing to motion graphics. Some involve 30' prints and staging props from our fabrication shop such as the "Full Spectrum" example on the left which we actually had several slide out prints on the sides that could rail over each other. Or at the time the digital Stealth screening on the right which was just coming out a couple years ago but very cool to build and see props behind the screen. Also in a few of these cases blending multiple projectors to create a seamless image like on the left or the bottom right that took 4 large projectors.

Also converging 3D event upper right, which you could actually walk over the "Water Fall" screen. That also included several other 3D elements like 3D lenticular print images etc.

See my upcoming thread on the forums and participate for more real world examples!