New York - The greatest city in the world

Though i do not live in the city, i do live close enough to where i can visit when i want to. What an amazing place. Corel X6

  • thanks Jossamer. I agree about all the places you mentioned that i didnt list. There are so many great places to see in ny that a list would be like a page and a half long. The Statue of Liberty is actually there but its to dark to visibly see. Its on the left hand side of the design. Thanks vlad, i did move the text down below the apple on the updated version and it does look much better and i tried to lighten the buildings a little but i know not everyones monitors are calibrated the same so its hard to make it right for everyone to actually see. i appreciate your ideas though.

  • I have a new york piece of art like this. but I don't want to release it because I plan to put it on T-shirts.

  • add the word copyright and the letter C inside a circle to your work.

  • Sorry you do have the Statue of liberty.  I love how you put the continent on the apple.

  • I agree the Greatest. you missed brynt part, moma, Morris Jumel Mansion, Guggenheim, frick collection. metropolitan. Lincoln center. Southstreet seaport, Trinity church.tudor city. the UN,   high line. The cloisters, the enterprise. Fort tryon. Bennett park is the highest point in Manhattan 265 ft. staten Island ferry. Elis Island. statue of liberty

  • Generally looks good. But Iā€™d make silhouettes of the buildings a little lighter. On the screens with a small dynamic range or at the low/medium quality printing they will just fade into the black background. I also think that you can set the sub-header (second line) is little lower, so that it does not overlap the apple.