Character Concept Design: Nausicaa, Iteration

An iteration of the previously uploaded Nausicaa Character Study. This time it shows her appearances in various scenes throughout the fictional movie remake. What she's wearing in the previous design, isn't a loop scarf around her neck, it works as a hoodie to protect her (together with the mask) against the mold spores in the "Sea Of Corruption". The second plate shows her after the crash and escape from the chasing insects with Asbel, where she gets away with a few injuries and she loses her poncho. The third one is a Pegite disguise she uses to escape from the aircraft of Asbels brother. The blue dress should give a sense of rough wool, and there are some simple stichings applied. I tried to replicate and incorporate the idea as much as possiple, in respect to the painterly overall style. I think it worked pretty well, but I also like to hear your C&C.