Calligraphic tattoo.

I have recently found new love for the tracing options inside DRAW. For years I thought that tracing greyscale art was better than B/W, which seemed too coarse to me when looked at at 100% magnification. But it is until now that I have been using the BW option for this procedure and I must say I am quite happy with the results which Trace brings, given the adequate operation parameters one specifies.

A client asked for a calligraphic tattoo image. Of course the hardest part was achieving the calligraphy bit, but once that was finished, it was a matter of scanning and working for about 15-20 minutes to convert everything to vector, moving some objects around, modifying some shapes which were not of my liking by looking back at the original, exporting to PDF and sending the result to my customer. Nicely done, DRAW.

By the way, I realised I have spent perhaps too much time working on my projects 100% on the computer (after the initial sketches have been done on paper). It is sometimes very rewarding to go almost all the way on paper with traditional methods. The tools for calligraphy on this project were a Pilot Parallel pen (shown), pencil and a Sheaffer calligraphic refillable pen.