I think its finished....thanks to sonny & muts for correcting my mistake....I called it a comaro.

Frame work and render done in CorelDraw X4 and tweaked in PhotoPaint X4

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  • Thanks guys.

    @ Sonny your right. It lost a few small details when I tweaked it in Photopaint. I hadn't really noticed until you pointed it out! I re-tweaked it...I think its better. Its so hard to know when to stop sometimes!

    @ Adrian the dust is not a mesh fill. I started with a flat cloud shaped shape, I cheated and used a callout box from the "callout shapes" menu and deleted the cicles, filled it with 40% grey and duplicated it many times. Each time changing the fill colour starting with white and the most being 40% grey, ending with many cloud shaped with alternate colours in a random pattern. I then grouped them, distored it it with the interactive distortion tool, rasterised it and gave it a gaussian blur. Then I just cloned it and transformed its shape to suit the drawing,

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