Illustration & Cover desing layout, Stefan Lindblad, CorelDRAW & Photo-Paint

I made this illustration and cover design during, and for, the Corel Webinar. Showing how to use both Corel PHOTO-PAINT and CorelDRAW. This Corel Webinar can be viewed for FREE at Corel´s own official CorelDRAW Channel on Youtube here

Behind the scenes story: Just before the webinar was going LIVE, my headset and old laptop started to mailfunction. Sound vanished. The Headset cable wasnt accepted by my computer. A moment when I didnt like my old Windows 7 Wink  The computer was playing me tricks... It was quite stressful to be fully honest, as you like all to work on que. Finally I started to get it all to work on my end. Cecile at Corel was the savior to get it all to finally work. Sorry for the jumpy start the first minute in the beginning of the webinar. It was all broadcast and recorded LIVE. At the end of the webianr is the Q&A. Enjoy!