My Lost Souls, Poppy Z Brite, Illustration & cover design- layout

I was comissioned by independent book publisher Crossroad Press, in america, to make the illustration, Cover design, layout for the Poppy Z Brite book "Lost Souls".

I first made draft with my pencils in my sketchbook. From there I draw and painted and designed the cover entirely using Corel PHOTO-PAINT and my Wacom Intuos tablet. The book cover was only for e-book publshing and only bought via online retailers.

On a personal note I particularily liked doing an illustration & cover desgn without blood splashed vampire teeth. Going away from the standards. When it later came to my knowledge in an article, where Poppy Z Brite had said she whanted to see a vampire cover without the standard blood on teeths, it was extra fun of course. But to this day I dont know if hse have got to see my cover for her book.