New Cover & illustration for the Swedish publisher BTJ Förlag

Cover & illustration for the Swedish publisher BTJ Förlag (publishing). The book  "Chic Lit" is a book about Chich Lit, as a reference guide, for example librarians and others looking for more quality chic lit books. I made both front, spine and back. Together with my initial pencil sketches/drawings in my skecthbook, I draw the illustration in Photo-Paint X4, and layout made in CorelDRAWX4.

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  • Good approach.

    Keep using Phalange :-) I never know hearing the word that often myself. But then there are Swedish words I´ve never heard either. In sweden we start with english in schools when in third grade, well I did anyway, and I was 9 years old then.

    I will upload more later on, but not today. Presently working on mare than the new kids book.

  • Well, I would like every piece I display here on the Community to be criticized. That's the only way we can learn and improve our work.

    Will keep your gallery as a favourite to check on updates.

    Also, In the schools here we learn that Phalanges are fingers, toes, etc.

  • And just for you bringing up the kids book, I am now working on a new book I am making illustration and cover design for. With additional B/W illustrations inside. Thanks for liking it.

  • Thanks Adrian for pointing out such a detail ;-)

    The hand in question is also a bit higher above the horizontal line to the other hand.

    But agree it might look as you pointed out.

    But, made a quick search on the word "Phalange", as english is still just my second language, it says: "the bone between the finger and toe joints" - I am sure you didnt mean the bone inbetween the finger and the toe ;-)

    And no worries, constructive critic is never wrong. Impressed you looked at that one.

  • I don't know which aspect of your works I really like. But the entire approach that you have is appealing. I like this one. But prefer the cover for the other book you did previously.

    One thing though (don't wanna question your ability to figure draw...seeing that you were the one who pointed me in the right direction earlier in my career about this) is that her left hand's middle fingernail is a bit longer than the looks as if the fingernail covers the entire segment of the phalange. Great work though....awating the next piece you will display.