Four people (a woman and three men) dancing over plants connected to a big horn sheep.

Off topic for me, but shooting petroglyphs is a hobby of mine.  Petroglyph photos tend to be brown on brown so I thought I would try to enhance the colors a little in Photo Paint.  The colors you see are actually there (didn't add anything) just enhanced the saturation a little (well, maybe more than just a little).  The bright orange you see is a type of lichen and is actually that color.  In my own defense, Ansel would be doing the same thing if he was still with us.  Thinking of producing posters, etc.  Though I would see what you all had to say (wince).


  • I don't know about colorblind :) , but he did have a very crooked nose (saw it in person once).  I have a friend that gives tours at one of the premier petroglyph sites... "aliens" is one of his favorite lines!

    These are all in the Mojave desert (I have hundreds).  If your serious about finding them I can give you directions (can't promise that you will see any UFO's though).

  • I believe Ansel was color blind ;) What was the location of this one? ...still further evidence that we have been visited!

    This could be very interesting if routed out of wood and then image printed with a UV flatbed. It would bring the image to 3D.

  • Enigmatic, a living work of art, as in a work still in progress by time and the weathering elements.

    Well framed, I like the way the blues leach through the background.