CorelDraw Suite 2018 Program Closing Error - Can't Save Anything! Help

I just purchased the CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2018 subscription.  Installation went great.  Once I started to use any of the programs within the suite, (mess around trying out a new document) or especially when I go to SAVE a new document, it gives me an error that says, it has stopped working and that the program will close.  No other info given.  I have tried to work with the tech support, but no solution has worked. I have reset the font database, tried renaming the program file to V2.1, did a program repair, and there are no temp files to remove really, so I didn't do that as there were only a few.

I am really miffed as I purposely went with CorelDraw instead of Adobe for the price options and the better user experience. The tech support wants me to provide some tech reports from my computer to see what the problem could be, but I am uncomfortable giving them this as it gives away basically all the programs I have installed and info that they don't need to see.  I have Windows 10, 64bit, 8gb ram, intel core I-5, 3.00GHz.  Is there some compatibility issue here or what?  It seems that Windows may be causing the error. I need this for my business and it's been 2 weeks and no results! Anyone with any info, please I would greatly appreciate it!