How to use Font Navigator with Corel Draw 2018?

I have used X7 for years and years utilizing the Bitstream Font Navigator which I love love love. I have recently upgraded to the Corel 2018 which no longer uses Font Navigator but uses Font Manager (which i do not love love love). Is there a way to get 2018 to utilize Navigator? When I open a document and I dont have the font installed, I am use to it giving me a suggestion to use a font it has found in Navigator but it no longer giving me that suggestion. Doesnt look like it is utilizing the Navigator that I still have installed on my computer, only giving me suggestions from my installed fonts through manager...any advise? I do not want to load all my fonts into manager. I like having them on my external hard drive that use to never be an issue with Navigator. Please help.

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  • Wow, you're in for some hard times. First there's no way to have 2018 interface with FontNavigator.

    Make sure you install all 2018 updates, it won't help alot but it will some.

    Corel Font Manager on an external drive will be very painful. All you can do is configure Draw to only see installed fonts and system fonts, turn off font embedding and have Corel Font Manager pointed to the drive folder where you have your fonts. Then use it as an old fashioned font manager.

    I'm on 2022 and I took the time to clean out all my fonts that fail in Font Manager and it now functions as designed but it's very picky about fonts.

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