Looking for equivalent of PhotoShop clipping mask

This is a video of what I want to do, done in PhotoShop. I have been unable to find a similar procedure in PhotoPaint. Can anyone point me in the right direction?




  • Hi,

    I think that clipping mask is gone from Photopaint.
    You can do the equivalent by reversing the positions of the two layers and using a layer mask, It's a lot more flexible than clipping mask,


  • Open a file, but the there has to be a transparent background first, open object manager, far right of active object create an object from the background, then place a mask on the image, then object menu clipmask create. Save as CPT file to use in CorelDRAW as an imported file, EPS may work in CorelDRAW but maybe not Adobe products. 

    Work in Photo-PAINT do not try this from CorelDRAW using edit bitmap.

  • Clipping mask is still there in Photo-Paint 2018. Add/create the layers as in the tutorial, select the photo layer and then click Create Clipping Group at the top of the Objects docker. Ta done.