Remove object from picture

I have read the manual; I have watched I don't know how many videos, and still I cannot REMOVE OBJECT. I have tried every darn button available and still I just can't do it.

Example: You have a beautiful picture of a street but there is a darn stop sign right in the middle of the picture. I am sure that for some people removing the stop sign is a walk in the park but not for me.

Would someone, please, give this old geezer a few hints. I realise you are not here to do my homework but I think this is exactly what I need for this objective: spoon-feeding. I can do just about anything else but not REMOVE OBJECT.

Thank you, one and all, in advance.

  • The reason I tried Photo-Paint because, like you, I discovered that regardless how careful I am with Paint Shop Pro I still end up with a mess. I include this picture (of a magnificent cloud formation) to give your an idea what I am talking about. There is absolutely no way of not making a mess. Too bad! The sign and the electrical wire spoil the whole thing which could be a beautiful sky for a collage. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Tony V.


  • The first thing is if you want to talk Photo-PAINT here's a link   if you're into photography as a Pro or as a hobbyist Google Karl Taylor, he has plenty of great free vids and has an educational system.  

    Discussions of photo editing requires you to sort out the wheat from the chaff.  I don't care what program you use there is no automated process to do a quality job like you want on an image like you show.

    Adobe Photoshop (which I used for decades but removed from my personal system) and Corel PaintShop Pro, (which I have installed and use BTW) all demonstrate their feature using optimum images and end up being snake oil salesmen.

    An edit like this when finished should look like there never were wires and a sign. 

    I've been in graphics 41 years and I use a very good monitor, today a good display starts at about $2,000 U.S. and go to around $4,000 U.S..

    On this image I'd use Photo-PAINT, I'd open the image and in the object docker click to set a transparent background.  This will have you working in objects with a transparent background, (much like layers in PSP or PS) except Photo-PAINT does create the system overhead like PS.

    Since everything you want to removes is man made with straight lines and clear curves I'd draw a path and create a mask from the path and cut the baddies out.

    Then I would use masks to copy areas out from the image to place in the holes we made and touch up with the clone tool.

    This image (assuming the original is a good high res clean image) can be done in a manner that only an experienced forensic image editor could tell that it was edited.

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