CorelDraw 2018 Links and Bookmarks / Internet issues

I'm using CorelDraw - currently 2018 in Windows 10 64bit, but I've been struggling to get Internet links to behave for a long time now.

I'm just going to publish some simple steps to reproduce some issues here for convenience and discussion, then I'll raise a support ticket...

  • Open CorelDraw and create a new, blank document.
  • Draw 12 boxes.
  • Open the "Links and Bookmarks" docker.
  • Click on each box in turn, click on "New Link" and enter URLs "", "", etc...
  • Now, export a PDF, open that PDF in your standard viewer and hover over the boxes to check the links - they are never all correct for me.
  • Also, if you return to CorelDraw, open the "Internet" docker, select a box and change the "Target" then the URL will spontaneously change.

This causes me a massive headache when I'm working on any leaflet with around 10 links or more.

I'd be interested to know if anybody else is being frustrated by this or has found a way around it.

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  • I edit a newsletter that has various http and Mailto links throughout. Corel randomly mixes the link assignments whenever I "Publish to PDF" or print to a PDF. This problem has persisted going back to Corel X3 on Win7. I now use Corel 2018 on a Win10 machine and Corel has the very same behavior. I have wasted an enormous amount of time trying everything to solve the problem with no success. Extremely frustrating. My solution has been to add the links after completing the PDF by using a copy of "PDFill PDF Editor Pro", a fairly inexpensive PDF editing program. I have no connection with that company whatsoever. Similar PDF Editing programs may also work.