CorelDraw 2018 Links and Bookmarks / Internet issues

I'm using CorelDraw - currently 2018 in Windows 10 64bit, but I've been struggling to get Internet links to behave for a long time now.

I'm just going to publish some simple steps to reproduce some issues here for convenience and discussion, then I'll raise a support ticket...

  • Open CorelDraw and create a new, blank document.
  • Draw 12 boxes.
  • Open the "Links and Bookmarks" docker.
  • Click on each box in turn, click on "New Link" and enter URLs "", "", etc...
  • Now, export a PDF, open that PDF in your standard viewer and hover over the boxes to check the links - they are never all correct for me.
  • Also, if you return to CorelDraw, open the "Internet" docker, select a box and change the "Target" then the URL will spontaneously change.

This causes me a massive headache when I'm working on any leaflet with around 10 links or more.

I'd be interested to know if anybody else is being frustrated by this or has found a way around it.

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  • This bug is still there for me too... My workaround now is to overlay my hyperlinks as the final step and immediately export a PDF without saving. I seem to be able to avoid the link corruption this way. Then I delete the links again before saving, given that I know they'll be different next time I open the document anyway. This is obviously a pain, but viable for me as I'm only producing a 2 page newsletter with a handful of links - obviously it's not going to be an option for everyone.

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