CorelDRAW 2018 doesn't open because of Font Manager 2018

Corel was working just fine. I created my font database... everything was ok. 

But suddenly CorelDRAW can't be opened again.... So I have to F8 Font Manager..... lost all my database... it's the second time...

What's wrong with FM2018? I won't be able to use it?

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  • Hi.

    Couldn't get CorelDraw Suite 2018 to open all of a sudden. Got this msg:  "No fonts were found. This application may not have been properly installed."

    So I uninstalled it twice, and re-loaded it and it still would not open Draw or Photopaint or Font Mgr.

    So I followed the advise I found here (see below) and IT OPENED!!  Once again -- you guys are the greatest!!

    Here is the advice I followed:  "You could first reset the font database, to see if this resolves the problem. To reset the font database, launch Corel Font Manager while holding the F8 key. From the prompt that appears, choose the option to reset the font database."

    Thanks again for saving my little bu##!!

    Rod/Los Angeles

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