Old OLE object (font) "bug" returns in 2018, e.g. Mathtype

Dear All,

today a frustrating surprise with CDR2018 - a bug (or at least, lack of functionality), that was fixed with X6 is back.

This probably doesn't concern most users, as it concerns a particular problem with embedded OLE objects, in my case equation objects from the program Mathtype.

But I am not alone:


Problem is the symbol fonts are completely mangled in CorelDraw, starting from V12. Problem went away in X6, and stayed fine until 2018.

I have X6 and test version of X8 on the same computer, and they work fine, so not a system font issue.

From some very old forums, apparently, this is due to Mathtype putting some important info in the OLE preamble, which other programs do not have to read to conform to OLE standards.  So Mathytype to blame, I guess.  I just don't know why Corel has tweaked its codes back to have this problem again.

If anyone has a helpful comment on this, I'd be grateful/interested.  Otherwise, this post is for scientific users who use Mathtype and are thinking about upgrading. You should check the test version first.

  • I have a similar case.

    When I use the DuplicateAsRange command or the PastEx command on shapeRanges in a makro, it does not always paste the shapeRanges but sometime some of these CoreDRAW Objects.

    The same makro in the exact same environment - different results. But only in "Optimization = true" mode.

    If you debug the code and go throught the program stepwise, everything is fine.