edit bitmap from CDR

As of today, I cannot "edit bitmap" from within CDR.

I just dropped a png image into a CDR project, then I decided to do some editing before I use it in my project, so I looked to "edit bitmap" but the option wasn't available.

Not uncommon, if its not a proper bitmap yet...so I "convert to bitmap" ...and still the "edit bitmap" option hasn't become available.

I tired converting a vector object to a bitmap to see if the "edit bitmap" appears, but it stays grayed out.

I've only been working in 2018 for a month or two, but I'm sure I have edited bitmaps and would have noticed this problem sooner.

Has something happened recently that has changed this?

  • I did the "associate the CPT files with PhotoPaint" thing. But it had no effect.

    In PP, the list of "associate file extensions" is long, and absolutely none are checked. I don't understand what this is or what it does, but now CPT is checked...it changed nothing that I can see...should I uncheck it again?

    I went to Control Panel and looked for an option to repair the installation...I found nothing. (Running Windows 7)

    I popped the Corel2018 disc into the PC, initiated the program by double-clicking the DVD drive (my autoplay is turned off) and then opted for "Repair" (Installation Repair).  It took about 4 minutes, and the procedure was done. And now, the "Edit Bitmap" feature is back up and running in CDR!

    I hadn't thought about the "Repair" option using the Install Disc...thanks for that!

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